Getting Started Buying a Home

From your doctor to your lawyer to your mechanic, you expect diagnosis and analysis before any prescriptions are made.

ExaminationI know you wouldn’t walk in to your doctor’s office and demand an operation in the morning. In fact, if your doctor agreed on the spot you would walk out muttering something about “quack” and “malpractice.”

It is the same when setting out to buy a home. (Although you might be surprised how many people come to me an say, “I want to go see that house in Sleepy Hollow, right NOW!”)

Without some pre-processing, it would be a disservice to everyone involved to jump up and run out to Sleepy Hollow.

Homebuyer questionsWe start the process with an interview. In order for me to understand what it is you want, I need to know a lot more about you…your life style, your family, your work/commute, your finances…all the special needs that make you unique.

It takes an hour or so. We typically do it in my office. I ask you to help me understand this and that…explain…describe…until I have a very clear understanding of not just the perfect home, but what makes different features important to you, what your priorities are and what trade-offs are most likely.

We will cover your financial options and I will recommend a loan officer if necessary. The loan officer will guide you through qualifying for a loan.

At the end of this meeting we will have a clear picture of where to begin the search.

If you are like most people, you need to get up to speed on just what and where your home buying dollars will purchase. You need an education on values.


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